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Surrounding Energies and The Physical Body

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How have you been feeling this week with the surrounding energies? I’m not an astrologer, far from it but I do work with energy and read about astrology nearly enough every day. I work with the body, I see the body and read the body so very well.

I see a lot of bodies throughout the week. Although each body is different and not like anyone else in this whole divine universe, we all react (knowingly or unknowingly) to the energies that surround us in the same way. As our body is cells upon cells of vibrational energy why wouldn’t we all be effected in some sort of physical way to the energies that surround us?

This week saw the start of my newly relocated Pilates class on Tuesday evening after delaying it a week from having a viral infection. My soul sisters and I say that this is us releasing the energy of what no longer serves us, our cellular body strengthening up and levelling up to higher vibrational pull, I love that thought.

In the midst of releasing this viral infection; as a collective we entered a full moon phase (emphasising your emotions, bringing into fruition your intentions, creates more energy and making it the most challenging effort to even sleep), and on top of that, it was a lunar eclipse (the moon, earth and the sun are in close alignment) emphasising our shadows as we were limited light. Our shadows are parts of ourselves that we hide pushed down and bury over the years because we consider these parts of self as being bad, unlovable and ugly but these shadow parts of ourselves are our gateway to freedom soon as we allow the light to hit them.

During these times your energy and your body need to be anchored down to earth, you are safe here and you are safe to feel here.

But why on earth would a Personal Trainer/Pilates teacher be sitting and talking about stars, moons, planets, and energy? I’ll tell you why. I am a highly emotional intuitive being that loves the body, the spine especially.

I practise energy work and I work with a lot of beautiful bodies that are holding so much as the mind attempts to keep us in check telling us not to fall apart, not to feel, keep holding onto that as if you let go it is pure danger on the other side. In the words of my 3-year-old son, “it’s too scary over there” and that is the ego mind. Your scared inner child trying to get everything right, fit in, not fall apart, not feel and trying to not even breathe or focus on breathing as even that will release shit too.

This frightened mind signals to the body that there is danger and the body tenses up. Ouch my hip, my shoulder, my back. And this week has been that week that all the bodies are tensing up.

On Tuesday night Pilates was the hermit and pulling back into self, stop giving so much of yourself away. Focus on self first, “self love first” what does that mean? We tend to give love to others first in exchange to earn love back, what we end up doing is giving away more or our self than intending and leaving ourselves open and feeling a little used, abused, angry, sad and feeling alone. So, on Tuesday it was all about pulling the energy back into self as we worked deep into the core focusing on psoas balancing, spine mobility and shoulder strength.

Then came Thursday night it was stepping out the head and moving through the fears held in the hips!!! We spent lots of time mobilising strengthening and practising checking into self regularly "how does my body feel?" How does my body feel? How does my body feel?

Then blasted the core and abs as it was removing the pedestal from others (and from self), seeing yourself as being more than able and a par with everyone and everything else. We are all the same only in different versions of each other.

I won't go into a class with a structure of what exercises I am going to be doing. I’ve been doing this work for 13 years now I have a great knowledge of the physical body and its movement, so I surrender myself to spirit and ask to be guided to release what needs to be released and strengthen what needs to be strengthened in alignment to each body I work with.

Most Personal Training clients I see weekly haven’t been in the physical ability to train this week either we’ve fallen off track with the written programme (which isn’t falling off track, its truth, is it’s on track just doesn't look like that on paper) focusing on basic movement, core strength and cardio rage release instead.

If we were to stick to the plan while feeling exhausted, burnt out, and ungrounded what would that have achieved? Not much good on the physical body anyways but the ego might have been delighted ha!!!

If you take some time out to practise every day asking yourself “what does my body need” it will start communicating with you instead of screaming at you through aches, and pains, injuries, illnesses and health conditions.

I know that I rather listen to the language of the body than feel its screams.

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